DC Event 2012

DC Event 2012

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tr>The Big Trike is an adult-size take on a child’s favorite toy. At 200 pounds, it is made of recycled materials including steel, aluminum, brass, PVC and wood. It accommodates one pedaler at a time, and up to four passengers on the rear deck.tr>Have so much love that it’s overflowing? Feeling a little lonely and unloved? Come check out The Love Letter Project. Visitors can share some love and donate a love letter to the project, or they can feel some love and take a letter to brighten their day.tr>Open MicDC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency

Project Name

Artist / Group

A Personal Puppet Show Ceclia Cackley / Wit’s End Puppets
In the spirit of shoebox dioramas and 19th century toy theater, Wit’s End Puppets has created a personal puppet show. For one audience member at a time, we will perform a two minute story with music, lights and puppets! For audience members who want to be creative, we will pull back the curtain and let you perform your own show for your friends! Enjoy the magic of puppets as an audience member or as a performer!
Acme Super Recruiting Mercury John / Angry Dolphin
We at Acme Super Recruiting strive to acquire unsigned Heroes and Villains in preparation for upcoming conflicts. Such as but not limited to: alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, standard Hero/Villain situations, mole people, and Monsanto. We’ll be roaming, interviewing and when appropriate, issuing garments, gear and instructions.
Big Trike Howard Connelly / Howard Connelly Design
Bike Jousting Michael Verdon / Mischief
Have you ever seen jousting at the renaissance festival? This is just like that, except with foam swords…and on bikes instead of horses! It is silly fun for everyone.
Blitter Bike Branden Hall
The BlitterBike is an interactive, bike-towed, light sculpture. It’s a two sided low resolution (32×32) RGB LED platform that brings the digital world of pixels to life. Viewers of the piece can chase down 8-bit creatures and then use an oversized wireless controller to play and remix animations in real time.
Boing Bumm the Yards! Holger Illi / B.B.Tschack
A DJ set, somewhere between Minimal and Tech and Deep House but not too much on the dark side. Danceable in principle, bobbable at least.
Bombastula Tom White / No Beta
An all day improvised electronic musical performance. Tom’s team will play invented electronic machines and electronically treated traditional instruments in one long slowly evolving piece of amorphous music-ish revelry. There will be microphones available for the audience to join in and guide the process. The audience microphones will also be electronically manipulated so that their voices will loop and twist to mix in with the general mess of sound.
Bubble Faerie Marigold Bumbleroot
I am Marigold Bumbleroot and I make bubbles in my hands. Join me as I spread the message of finding magic and play in every moment.
Carnival Mischief
Creating a space for you to express yourself is the primary concern of our journey. Mischief will have a crazy carnival of games, music, interactive art, and costumes, including a craft area, beats for your dancing pleasure, and a giant, adult-sized Litebrite. DJs will include Teknacolor Neenjah, Conway, Barney Iller, Sequoia, and DJ Dustin. Come get into some mischief with us!
Celebrity Master Make-Up Artist Rae Hopkins
As naturally beautiful as we all are, sometimes make-up is fun! I would love to open the door for the participants of FIGMENT!
Choose Your Own Adventure
Dan Rabbitt
A DJ set that goes along with a story, told on a projection screen with text and pictures. At different junctions there will be multiple choices for the protagonist in the story. The crowd will choose one of these options through crowd response and this will steer the story in various directions. The DJ will mix different, predetermined songs based on the audience’s choice. These ‘forks in the road’ of the story will happen periodically and the style and mood of the music will correspond with the plot twists. The audience will be able to help determine how the story unfolds and what music the DJ plays.
Christine Moritz – DJ Set Christine Moritz
Dance through the afternoon with Christine!
Clean and Simple Kate Smith-Morse
Seated by the Anacostia River, I will invite visitors to help me clean up the river whilst I read them folk tales. The means of clean-up I offer my audience? Bottles of sudsy solution, to blow bubbles out over the water. And, true to my word, in exchange for their efforts, I will regale my Comrades in Clean with folk tales of heroes whose simple nature and desire to do good in the world bring them their happily ever after in the end.
Cocoon Rebeka Bieber
Cocoon is a whimsical quiet space created to encourage reflection on the process of metamorphosis. It is a brightly colored tent-like structure suspended from ribbon and attached to a tree. It evokes child’s play and is welcoming to kids and the kid in every adult. Pink stretch fabric is used to create a “tent” and it is tied on top to orange ribbon which is then wrapped to a tree branch which hold the tent in place. The book “metamorphosis” is left in the tent with a marker. Instructions to write comments in the book are left for the visitor.
Community Spin Jam Katie Desmond / Surprise! Hoops and Hooping Powers
Come spin something with us! Whether you love to spin hoop, poi, staff, fans, or just love to spin in circles. Come dance and play with us.
Contra Square and Folk Dancing! Penelope Weinberger / Folklore Society of Greater Washington
The FSGW will bring musicians, sound, and callers to teach, involve and create contra, square and folk dancing. This is completely participatory, not a performance, other than the one created by all who do it.
David London’s Magic Outside the Box Cabaret Show
David London
Join David London on a journey to someplace else. Featuring highlights from all of David’s previous shows, this full-length performance combines magic, story-telling, comedy, puppetry, and that which cannot be defined, into a show of magic unlike anything you have experienced before. The show is 60 minutes in length and packed full of laughs, mystery, and the unexpected!
Doodle Booth Goodloe Byron
A doodle booth, a caricature tent of sorts, but the end illustrations will be abstract doodles rather than traditional caricatures.
Drawing Without Seeing Stephanie Rudig her lovely assistant Nancy
We assume that drawing requires careful observation, but there are many ways to draw. Sometimes, you need to shake things up by challenging your senses and finding a new way of making things. First, play the Dadaists favorite party game, exquisite corpses. These collaborative drawings will morph into giant beasts! Then, draw whatever you want on Lovely Assistant Nancy, who in an act of daring will be blindfolded the whole time, only revealing the resulting artwork at the end of the day. Finally, take home a souvenir of a blind caricature. No need to worry about the artist emphasizing your flaws!
Envisage Shannon Scates
ENVISAGE is a community vision board for everyone to express their goals and dreams by painting, drawing, writing, creating collages, etc. It includes a cool “Frame of Mind” project where people can take pictures inside some wacky frames and act out where they see themselves in the future. Envisage means to conceive an image or a picture of; especially a future possibility. This project aims to get people thinking about their goals for the future and sharing them in a fun and creative way!
Field of Plates
Johnny Dukovich / Green Moon Art
30,500 children in Washington, DC are under the poverty level. We would like to turn part of the “brown field” in Yards Park into a colorful, cheerful representation of that number. We will use 300 plates – each representing 100 children — and create a field of flowers.Simply stated, we will paint paper plates (and ask visitors to paint some too), mount them on dowels of different heights, and “plant” them in the brown field area. In the field of plates, we will set up a meandering path for people to walk through.
Field of Voices Stephen Beveridge / Aequitas
Field of Voices is a site-specific, collaborative, social art installation embedded with audio commentary from invited sources. Download the free smartphone app, Layar, to add your voice to this creative virtual space. Experience the magic as you hear people singing songs, making statements and generally injecting an unpredictable human quality into art. The installation appears as 50 virtual objects floating three feet off the ground and arrayed in a grid located in public areas.
Figments of Music Ahmed Jabali-Nash Sounds of Indigo
5-7 easels will be built from scrap lumber. On the easel will be a huge bass and treble clef and room to create musical notation. At the beginning of the workshop, I will give a brief lesson on the different time signatures, notes, etc. Then the group will be invited to fill in the easels with notes. The community will work together to create a song. My 3-5 piece band will play the community song. It will be recorded.
Foiled! Doug Taphouse
A do-it-yourself aluminum foil sculpture garden awaits! More than a half-mile of aluminum foil is yours to create your own unique figures, sculptures, creatures and whimsical creations. Model things from real life or create your own fantasy land
Giant Twister Patty and Fred Simonton
An adult-size take on a children’s favorite, Giant Twister is exactly what you’d expect it to be. You’ll laugh and guffaw, and likely fall over a time or two. The goal is to be the last one standing. Tickling encouraged. Come play with your friends and participants you’ve just met at FIGMENT DC. The game will be available to everyone throughout the day. And hey, maybe stretch your limbs out at Void Simulacrum before-hand to aid you in mobility!
Here There Be Dragons
Sean Rutledge / Fire-Creations
There are dragons, and it’s the stuff of nightmares. A sea serpent with a backbone of fire that dances to the beat of music. Sometimes it’s better to interact with those dark places.
HousePlants Elizabeth Ashe
With this installation, the plants will move from the Garden and into creating the design structure of a Home. There are no walls, providing an open air vista and invitation to mobility. The interactivity is the arrangement of plants and choice of watering them or not. The potted plants stand-in for design elements and furnishings, able to be rearranged with ease.
Laughter Project Jason Jedrusiak
Roaming laughter yoga at select spots or select times in different parts of Figment. Laughter yoga does not require mats or as physical as regular yoga. It is just about laughing for no reason at all and fun theater style games that involve basic human interaction and just laughing.
Life In Rhymes Flavia Rocha Loures
Flavia Rocha Loures is an environmental attorney from Brazil, working since 2005 at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in Washington-DC. Her first book, published in December 2010, compiles the poems written over the last 20 years, depicting the various stages of her life in rhymes. Visit her here too: facebook.com/Flavia.Poeta
Love Hunt
Victor Priego / The Grove
Carnival style shooting booth with rotating arms that have hearts on the ends, that are shot at with nerf guns to attempt to stick to them.
The Love Letter Project Jennifer E. Cooper
The Lyric Monster Khadijah Ali-Coleman / Liberated Muse Arts Group
Feed Lyric Monster your impromptu verse and listen to a song emerge on the spot. Lyric Monster is a collection of musicians, singers, and composers from the online network LiberatedMuse.com who delight in creating.
Malphunktion – DJ Set
Ian Denbow / Malphunktion
Come listen to a Funky / Disco House DJ group
Meso Creso World Beats Dance Party Meso Creso
Meso Creso is bringin’ a global medley of dance beats from near and far! Artists include BEATrix, MeatHook, Meegs, and vAnniety Kills
Mobile Display and Workshops
Paul Sikora
Learn how to make beautiful mobiles with Paul Sikora! He will have several of his mobiles on display at FIGMENT DC, after his work has been displayed in international dignitary buildings, children’s hospitals and Artomatic. Paul will be on site, leading workshops on the creation of these pieces of art.
Obsessions Jaryl Campos
Obsessions are a part of everybody’s lives, and I’ve decided to share mine with you. Using the “quadrant technique,” I will create a an enlarged version of my obsession and make it a paint-by-number outline of the final photo. Join me and together we will bring the photo to life through color.
One Thing to the World Katelyn Crawford
Participants can pick up a white board, write one thing to the world, and then have their picture taken with that golden message. The photograph will then be posted on http://onethingtotheworld.tumblr.com/. There will also be tons of previously taken photographs for people to look at, get inspired by, and take if they choose! Although the photographs on the website are edited and posted in a specific aesthetic, the photographs taken at this site will be in color.
With more than a decade of experience running open mics in Dupont Circle, the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency is bringing their energy to FIGMENT DC. They’ll encourage individuals (including children!) to join them in BEING the entertainment. They’ll have sidewalk chalk available as a way to draw attention to the performance as well as encourage visual forms of expression. The 2-hour open mic will be hosted by Laurie Blair who has been organizing poetry events in DC since 2000. Additionally, the GPI will do outreach to ensure that several poets (and hopefully some drummers) will be on hand to bring quality poetry as well as encourage FIGMENT visitors to speak their minds!
Origami Ornimentation Paige Friedeman
The artist, dressed in Traditional Japanese Kimono, will be teaching all guests how to make origami that they can take or choose to hang as part of the decorative landscapes. As the day progresses, more and more origami will hang from the area free to hang, blow and become part of the overall environment the participants of FIGMENT DC help create.
Push Me Around Thibeaux
Push and spin your friends on a spinning bed.
Rawk Paper Scissors Rawk Paper Scissors
Rawk Paper Scissors will rawk your face off with your favorite tunes from the 90s, 80s, and today! We are a small collective of musicians dedicated to adding the element of live music to people’s experience.
Rectangles Jennifer E. Cooper, Esq. & Co.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…Rectangle. They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere. Though they have no eyes or ears the Rectangles are very friendly and happy to play with you. Just don’t tell them you prefer triangles, or, even worse, circles.
The Return of Frida
Judy Sky
The artist Judy Sky, will portray the life of the artist, Frida Kahlo. Dressed as Frida, Judy Sky will open various suitcases, containing imaginary
“Frida” relics and speak as to how these objects relate to her life using factual details. After, there will be an audience Q&A .
The Scent Wall
Bianca Ruffin and Liz Molitor
The Scent Wall will intrigue your senses of sight, touch and smell! This interactive structure involves brightly colored, hanging planks, each with a different felt design and smell. The visual of individual planks may make you think you’re going to smell one thing, but when you get closer you’ll note that your brain has been duped! You’ll be pleasantly pleased by how many of your senses will be tickled by this project.
Scratch’s Costume Camp
Here’s a festive way to embody the principles of participation, immediacy, and self-expression. You can become a mobile piece of art at FIGMENT! Come play dress-up with the painfully amateurish fashionistas at Scratch’s Costume Camp and immerse yourself in the day by wearing something fun and unusual. Drop the worries of the default world by embracing a basic tenet of a healthy childhood. Don a wig or a prom dress or a pirate’s sword or a goofy mask. We guarantee that you can’t take yourself and your problems too seriously when you look like your own interpretation of a hippie or a goth kid or a clown.
Selections from the 2012 Hope Operas
Debbi Arseneaux / Hope Operas
Selections from several world premiere musicals that are being produced to raise money for various charitable non-profits as part of a project called The Hope Operas. All new, all local playwrights, directors and actors. This years pieces premiere on Oct. 1 and run for Mondays in October . Each night the audience votes for their favorite piece and the box office goes to the charities. We hope to reach a wider audience and engage more members of the community by participating in FIGMENT DC!
Shadow Boxing Melani N. Douglass
This project was inspired by the shadow that the main bridge cast on the walkway below. It will be so much fun to color that shadow in and make a new work of art from the shadows. Melani will lead participants as you draw the outlines of shadows. After the outlines are drawn, you will fill in the shadows with words, pictures, and or colors
Shapes in the Sand: A Practice in Geometry and Impermanence
Aaron Marcinkevich
This is an installation and workshop comprised of a series of sandboxes, in which Aaron will demonstrate the ability to create any shape, from a circle to a nonagon, using only a compass and a straight edge. While showing the process of creating the shapes, Aaron will discuss how number and shape symbolism are omnipresent in societies and cultures around the world, both old and new. Aaron will talk about how archetypal principles of these numbers and shapes verify natural relationships among them, and how their basic geometric constructions symbolize universal principles.
The Singing Lizard Liz DeRoche
Liz DeRoche comfortably inhabits her own sound, somewhere between eclectic electronica and soulful pop. She will have you and your little ones singing and dancing with joy in no time. The Singing Lizard encourages you to play along, so don’t be shy, pick up those drums, shakers and microphones and let’s rock!
Soul Wash
Eric Williams and Darren Smith / YoDYoE
Get your dirty soul washed clean as you enter FIGMENT on 3rd St., and engage with the good and evil angels who will be guarding the gate to freedom.
The Story Game Wendy Fitch
This project is based on a game I used to play as a kid called “The Story Game”. This is where a group of people sit in a circle and one person starts a story and the next person continues it and it goes around the circle until somebody decides to end the story. This piece is a physical form of that game. The project starts out as being nothing but a large book with the words “Once upon a time” written in it, and it slowly gets filled up with new words and pictures as people at the festival write their contribution to the story. Once the book is full, there will be “story time”, where I will read the finished story.
SubDistrick Sound – DJ Set Julian Peterson / SubDistrict
Drum and Bass connects all people. Using that universal medium understood by all people no matter what background or language. Movement through music, dance and self expression is the idea. Healing, uplifting and universal!
Suspension of Disblief
Chris Menocal / Shermania
Three or four inversion slings will be hung from the underside of the bridge. The OmGyms are used for inverted and non-inverted stretching and allow for a huge range of motions. Having multiple setups allows people to learn from and copy from each other. There will be thick foam mats underneath each sling.
Synz – DJ Set
Jeremy Parker (aka Synz)
Join Synz as he provides tunes for the Community Spin Jam.
Tell Me The Way You Say LOVE Katie Desmond and Sherri Sosslau / HairFlair for Hope LOVE SQUAD
We will be constructing a giant sign spelling L-O-V-E. We will invite participants to decorate the sign with ways to say L-O-V-E.We will take pictures of participants with a white board that says what they wrote to share on our Facebook page. We will allow participants to try on a therapeutic HairFlair for Hope wig if they would like when their picture is taken.
Tommy HoGunz – DJ Set Tommy Hogans
Come dance to Tommy’s house music.
Trash and “Weeds” Bardia
Trash and weeds is a collective project where the participants are encouraged to bring unwanted items “trash” and/or unwanted plants “weeds” to create a sculpture at the park. A few tree trunks (weighted down) and lots of rope along with necessary tools will be available on location. Weeds in wrappers will also be there to be attached to the sculpture. Tie a typewriter, hang a lamp shade or wrap a candy wrapper to the piece and then decorate them with weeds.
v:shal kanwar – DJ Set v:shal kanwar
Come move to tracks recognized for their diversity, lush soundscapes and undeniable danceability. Listening to one of his sets is a sonic journey across continents and cultures — tribal African rhythms slide under Indian sufi vocals and rich organic drums, then crash into magnificent selections from Planet Bass. He is equally adept at effortlessly blending bhangra with gnawa, and rich dubstep with floor-shaking drum & bass, breaks and organic world beats. Many of his DJ sets also incorporate live classical Indian tabla, Latin & African.
Vegan Interactive
Fresh from receiving our Associate Chef and Raw Food Instructor Training from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, The Veggie Chef and two other members of the Veggie family will demonstrate raw vegan recipes and lead groups in interactive food preparation activities. The Menu, subject to change, includes: Asian veggie wraps, burritos, guacamole, and candy making. We will be doing demonstration and interactive events on a schedule.
Void Simulacrum Kaloyan Ivanov
“Void Simulacrum” begins as a 50-foot long wall of fabric enveloping two performers. Over 3 hours, the sculpture incorporates willing spectators and passers-by, who become full participants and owners of the piece. As each performer makes aesthetic decisions, the originally static sculptural mass shifts and breaks. Thus, each spectator bears responsibility for the artwork, eliminating the stage, which usually alienates and assigns a static role for the audience, in favor of collective choice and emergent behavior. In “Void Simulacrum” the audience is the performance.
Warm and Buzzy Amy Israel
Come to Warm and Buzzy! It’s a freeform style Kripalu class focusing on breath and body awareness. Come with an open heart and prepare to have a good time!
Warper Party Michael Hatsis
Warper has been on the forefront of sonic exploration and electronic music experimentation responsible for countless events and gatherings in and around NYC including previous FIGMENTs. Stimulating sound will be created, music performed, and mixed live provoking dance and more meditative, cerebral experiences. Participants will be exposed to music and beat structures defying easy categorization, accentuating sound intended to shatter confines of genre and popular style. From original software to original sound the Warper Sound Space will leave Figment goers with desire to delve deeper into the awesome world of music and sound!
Winter Coat Positive People
Give Positive People’s car a brand new “Winter Coat” of painted artwork!
Write Home Soon Mark Strandquist
“Write Home Soon,” by Mark Strandquist, is an ongoing project that aims to democratize ideas, actions, and accessibility surrounding the creation and curation of art, history, etc…How would our museums and libraries look and function if they reflected the realities and visions of all the DC metro area? The project, which will be exhibited this year at the Art Museum of the Americas, invites individuals to create postcards depicting places they’ve lost in their lives, and to include a story from that space. All postcards created and mailed to the museum will be included in the exhibit. Please join in this rare chance to celebrate and showcase DC’s diverse, challenging, and beautiful collection of personal histories.
You’re in Good Hands with Happy Hands Homeland Security
Hilary Waldron /Thousands Standing Around (T.S.A.) artist collective
Attending FIGMENT is a privilege not a right. By attending FIGMENT you consent to whatever happy hands decides you consent to. No worries, because you are in good hands with happy hands. To experience the touch, the feel, of happy hands, you must first put your shoes in the shoe bin, you liquids in the liquid bin, and your dignity in the dignity bin. There will then be feats of loyalty that we can’t tell you about ahead of time (so you don’t try to game the system) but that may or may not involve a hula hoop. Once you have passed the feats and deposited your dignity, you will be invited to walk through our happy hands happy security machine. You may decide not to walk thru happy hands, however, we can’t say what will happen next as unpredictability is the cornerstone of happy hands happy homeland security. Intel is gathered daily and the threat level reassessed, as you make phone calls, surf the web, etc. Your safety is our number one priority at happy hands
Zoe Jackson Zoe Jackson
Join Zoë Jackson, a DC/VA-based singer and musician, as she kicks off the Community Stage. She performs both as a solo artist and with the band Rawk Paper Scissors. As a solo performer she specializes in a progressive folk/alt-country/blues fusion combining touches from a wide variety of stylistic influences.

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