Getting There

FIGMENT DC 2014 will be held at Anacostia Park, Section E.

How Do I Get There?

We strongly encourage you to check out the map here before you go. If you’re driving, definitely check the map. The street address is: “Anacostia Park, Section E”


The nearest metro stations are Anacostia and Potomac Ave.  If you’d like to walk, take the blue/orange lines to Potomac Ave station, and cross the Pennsylvania Ave bridge on foot. It’s about 1.2 miles total. There’s a bike trail to follow, but please keep an eye out for traffic! On the walking path on the left of the bridge, you'll soon see the bike trail turn down the hill to the left. This will take you to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Turn right onto the path along the river. Look for a large covered pavilion – it’s the roller rink. It’s hard to miss!


Washington, DC has a complex and wide ranging bus system.  We encourage you to find a route that works best for you here.  To give you a feel for where the park is, look for the DC General Health Campus below the Stadium Armory Metro stop.  Section E of Anacostia Park, where FIGMENT will be held, is almost exactly where the letter “S” is in the word Campus, in DC General Health Campus.  On the East side of the river.  The B4, 32, 34, or 36 will all come down Pennsylvania Ave and cross the bridge, and should have a stop somewhere within easy walking distance of the park.


We encourage you to decorate your bike and make it part of the festivities! There are a number of bike paths that lead directly to Anacostia Park, and we encourage you all to take advantage of them. There will not be a bike valet at FIGMENT.

Public Parking

There is some free, public parking on site at the Pavilion / Roller Rink.  If both lots are full, there are spots up and down the Riverwalk Trail.


Driving Directions  


*** When you come upon a sign that looks like this, follow directions to the Anacostia Pavilion.  If you see a large pirate ship playground on your route, don’t stop.  It’s really, really, cool, but it’s not FIGMENT.

From Downtown DC: Pennsylvania Ave Bridge.

This is an easy way. Take Pennsylvania Ave all the way East until you cross the river. After you cross the bridge, make a right onto Fairlawn Ave SE at the gas station. Go to the first stop sign and turn right again on Nicholson Street to enter the park. Turn right to get to the skating pavilion and FIGMENT.

From Downtown DC: 695 to 295 North

Good News: The Pennsylvania Ave exit off of 295 is OPEN! From 695, take the right lanes to 295 North. From there, take the Pennsylvania Ave East exit. Take your first, immediate right onto Fairlawn Ave, SE. Keep turning to your right. You'll cross over a beat up section of railroad tracks, then go under 295. When you get to the T, you'll see the sign above. Turn right. You'll go under Pennsylvania Ave. The Skating Pavilion will soon be on your right.

From the Suitland Pkwy/South Capitol St.

Follow the Suitland Parkway west toward Washington, DC, approaching the South Capitol St. Bridge. After you go under 295, stay to the right, as the lanes will split. Do not cross the river. The park entrance will be to the right. When you get to a tee, turn right and keep going until you arrive at the skating pavilion and FIGMENT.