Projects & Artists 2014


80's set DJ Total // Music
Ed Conley

DJ Total will spin some classic 80s dance and new wave to get everybody moving!

Find me: Roller Rink Stage, Saturday, 11am

Bike Jousting // Activity
Michael Verdon

Grab your bikes and lances to defend your king and earn the title "Champion of FIGMENT!"
Bottomless-Love---Primary-Image.jpg Bottomless Love // Activity
Patty Simonton

A heart grows back together stronger after it breaks. Share your love and words of wisdom with the world. Give a little, take a little, and together we can fill this heart with the love it deserves.

DJ Set - Chris Allen // Music
Chris Allen

Chris Allen knows music.  Period.  With over a decade of experience manning the decks at parties, weddings, and on the radio; Chris knows how to get people moving. Spinning a unique mix of dance driven songs and remixes, this set will be one to energize you for the rest of the day.

Find me: Roller Rink Stage, Sunday, 11am

defaultActivity.jpg  Collective Wisdom // Activity
Cortney Kreer

Need advice? Tell me all about it. Pull a card at random and I will use what's on the card to inform your advice. After you've been advised, write your own words of wisdom on a new card and put it in the pile for the next person. Collectively we'll all help each other.
CostumeCamp.jpg  Costume Camp // Activity

Here’s a festive way to embody the Principles of participation, immediacy, and self-expression. Become a mobile piece of art at FIGMENT! Come play dress-up with the painfully amateurish fashionistas at Scratch’s Costume Camp and immerse yourself in the day by wearing something fun and unusual. Drop the worries of the default world by embracing a basic tenet of a healthy childhood. Don a wig or a prom dress or a pirate’s sword or a goofy mask. FIGMENT is about participation and being a walking creative project is a great start!
Divinative-Fortunes.jpg Divinative Fortunes // Activity
Christina Vanderveldt

Fortune bounds all around! Destiny is merely what you make of it, or is it? Come and visit with a question and chance you get an answer! We dabble in "see ing" into the divination of the universe to share a glimpse of it with you!
Dream-Grimoire---Primary-Image.jpg  Dream Grimoire // Theater
Andrew Huntley

What is it that you want the most in this moment? The question might not be as simple as it appears. Join Andrew Huntley and Theatre Sans Serif in exploring that question as you help create the Dream Grimoire. By voicing your desires, each person can then create an agreement with themselves to actualize whatever they wish for. As every new person participates, the power of the Grimoire grows. Will you help yourself and others achieve their wildest dreams?
Drunken-Boasting-Wizards---Primary-Image.jpg Drunken Boasting Wizards // Multimedia/Theater
Edward Walker

Drunken Boasting Wizards is a role-playing card game where players get to say and do ridiculous things! Boast loudly, decry others' boasts, and become the world's most powerful wizard!

Embodiment Playground // Theme Camp/Dance
Darrell Duane

Join Camp Contact in our dome for a weekend of workshops and classes around embodiment: Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro Yoga, Yoga, Meditation.

Giant-Twister---Primary-Image.jpg Giant Twister // Activity
Patty Simonton

Play Twister on a giant, handmade board. The rules change as frequently as the players. But as always, it comes down to the last player up - so be prepared to twist, tickle, and quite possibly get tied up in a knot of arms and legs and giggles.
defaultActivity.jpg Grow Your Wishes // Activity
Kate Smith-Morse

I will be teaching people how to make paper wish stars. Using strips of seed paper, people will write down their wishes, then fold them into stars which they can take with them, either to keep or to plant at home. The seed paper will allow their wishes to grow into flowers, a living embodiment of their wishes.

Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency // Open Mic
Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI)

Bring your rhythms and rhymes to the Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency open mic! GPI is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective committed to assertively wielding and empowering creative voices to promote progressive social change.

Find them: Sunday, 12pm on the Main Stage

Kids_Crafts.jpg Kid Krafts // Activity
Karen Bradley-Ehler

Come make some crafty art with us! Kid designed and Kid approved! Join this team of kids for some art projects made from recycled materials such as paper towel rolls, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, etc. Make and take while supplies last. All ages are welcome.
defaultSculpture.jpg Kinetic Playhouse // Sculpture
Jen Cooper

The Kinetic Playhouse is a play fort for all ages. Many people have fond memories of building a playhouse in their backyard or living room as a child. This is an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in building a free flowing structure designed purely for play.
Kite-Composite---Primary-Image.jpg Kite Composite // Visual Art/Installation
Johnny Dukovich

Enjoy the wind along the Anacostia River by making a kite - make one to take, make one to leave behind. We will form the kites into a larger composite piece.

Kostume Karaoke // Music
Debbi Arseneaux

Dress up and sing!! Put a little silliness in your song. All are welcome! Costumes and music provided; you bring the talent. (Or's karaoke...just sing!)

Find us: Main Stage, Saturday, 2-4pm


Let Yourself Go! // Activity
Laura Roth

When's the last time you truly let yourself go and physically interacted with other people in a purely frivolous and playful manner? This will be an all ages play-fest with some old favorites and new games with a twist and an emphasis on participant creation. Let your imagination run wild!

  Noon:  Ministry of Silly Walks Parade (Event)
  2:00pm: Adults Play? Why should we? (Playshop: all ages welcome)

  11:30am: Recapturing a Playful Spirit (Playshop) 
  4:00pm: Ministry of Silly Walks closing Parade

defaultActivity.jpg Life Size Foosball // Activity
Micah Festerly

We've all wanted to and now you can! Insert yourself into a live Foosball table.
Mandala.jpg Mandalas // Activity
Miriam Lemus and Liana Algarin

Let's make mandalas! Items will be provided for anyone to make a meditative, circle-shaped image on the ground. At the end of the weekend, we will take a photo of the final product: one large mandala at FIGMENT DC!

Manko // Music
Manko Eponymous

Our man Manko's been barding around for quite a while, racking up nine albums, two books of poetry and, as of last month, a novel! He's played in over a dozen bands in styles ranging from bluegrass to belly dance, barbershop to Afropop, and currently serves as musical director of Dance Afire Productions. He'll be closing out FIGMENT DC on the Main Stage Sunday at 4 with a set of Burner anthems, nerdy crushsongs, whimsical malarkey, spoken word, and perhaps a few timeless covers. You can also catch him every second Sunday at Dance Afire's "Burning DC" monthly at Mad Momos in Columbia Heights.

Find me: Sunday, 4pm on the Main Stage

mischief-sticker.jpg Mischief Saturday Takeover // Music

Enabling questionable behavior since 2009... Mischief is a DC-based chaos creator, camp of jokers, and DJ & arts collective. Our primary goal is to create spaces for you to express yourself, and we're excited to do just that at FIGMENT! Join us as Mischief DJs take over the roller rink all day Saturday. Lineup to be announced.
Mr-Caterpillar.jpg Mr. Caterpillar // Installation
Darren Smith

A 24-foot long caterpillar crawled out of the rabbit hole. Oh my! You have been shrunk down to a most tiny size so you may frolic amongst his legs. Wandering spirits may whisper poems in your ear.


Near Northeast // Music
Avy Mallik

Near Northeast, a DC-based musical outfit has diverse andunpredictable origins. The seeds of the indie band were planted when its members met while performing at the Kennedy Center for a one-off Indian music festival performance. With their musical influencescoming everywhere from Latin America to Africa to Appalachia, the bandmixes folk ballads with experimental post-rock soundscapes,incorporating effects, harmonies, and the occasional uke and cajonfreakout. Near Northeast is based in, well, the Near Northeast neighborhood of DC, and can be found playing non-traditional musicvenues — open fields, back alleys, DC’s Tiny House, and the Doah Fest. Kelly grew up singing and playing the violin around the hills ofAthens, Georgia, and Santa Cruz, California. Austin cut his teeth playing bass on the quaint streets of Charlottesville, VA. Drummer/percussionist Alex started his musical journey playing in rockbands in Vietnam and Italy. And Avy has been fiddling around withstrings and frets while in bands in San Francisco, London, and thePacific Northwest. All are happy to say they have found a musical homein our nation’s capital.

Find us: Main Stage, Saturday, 12pm


Parachute-Games---Primary-Image.jpg Parachute Games // Activity
Sadie Dingfelder

How many different things can we do with a 30-foot rainbow parachute, a dozen pool noodles, some tinfoil balls and you?
Pillow_fight_club.jpg Pillow Fight Club // Activity
Karen Bradley-Ehler

Come relieve some stress and have some laughs in the pillow fight ring! Bring your own soft battle weapons OR use ours. Using pillows or inflatable soft things, join the fun in a soft and friendly space and become a Pillow Fight Gladiator or volunteer to be a referee.

Ramiro // Music

Whether you're catching a set from Ramiro or RaveKilla, whether it be Progressive, or Liquid DNB, or Breaks or Tech House or straight up thing remains the same, you will be taken on an aural journey that will leave you wanting more.

Find me: Roller Rink Stage, Sunday, 4pm.



RavenButterfly // Music
Julia Graham

Ravenbutterfly will be Breaking out the beats. Bringing the syncopated rhythms that will move your feet. Making the roller skates glide to that upbeat rhythm.

Find me: Roller Rink stage, Sunday, 12pm

Rectangles---Primary-Image.jpg Rectangles // Visual Art
Jennifer E. Cooper

They're not squares, and they're definitely not circles. They're Rectangles! Come and play with the mischievous Rectangles as they dance and frolic and see what sort of trouble they get into. And maybe, just maybe, you too can be a Rectangle for a day.


Shahid Buttar // Music
Shahid Buttar

DJ & MC Shahid Buttar will get you moving with a blend of funky, jazzy, and minimal house, plus live MCing to lift your spirit and help your chi flow.

Find me: Roller Rink Stage, Sunday, 2pm.


Sisyphus_2.0_with_collaborators_Caramoor.jpg Sisyphus 2.0 // Sculpture
Melanie Armer

Sisyphus 2.0 is an interactive sound installation that invites questions about technology, artistic authorship, and physical toil. Created by The Nerve Tank for a commission by Arts Brookfield, this 6 1/2 foot steel sphere is programmed to “sing” in response to the way it’s rolled along the ground. Internal accelerometers read the coordinates of the sphere and activate sound based on its position. The piece rewards sustained interaction and over time, a person can learn to “play” the sphere like a musical instrument.

Songs of Joy // Music

A carefully curated concert full of classics, new hits, and originals designed to get people dancing and singing along.

Find us: Main Stage, Saturday, 4pm


Stori Telling // Activity
JR Russ

Putting the "I" in your story. Craft your tale and share it with the world! Or perhaps with just a few new friends. This project will be a combination workshop and performance. Interested participants will take a 75 minute workshop on autobiographical storytelling. After the workshop, everyone will have the option to partake in a performance where they will share their stories with other participants of FIGMENT.

Find us: Performances on the Main Stage, Saturday 1pm, Sunday 2pm.  Workshops both days at 11:30am. Gather at the Mr. Caterpillar installation in front of the Skating Pavilion, and we'll walk to find a quiet place to talk.


Stripped // Visual Art
Sarah Dick

Selfies are great and portrait paintings are beautiful, but neither one quite captures who we really are.
Our stories are part of what makes us special, so wouldn't it be cool to see a portrait and a personal story combined? Sounds like a comic strip...
I'm a portraitist and cartoonist and will ask festival-goers to sit down and tell me a story about themselves. I'll talk with them as I create a comic-strip-portrait capturing their features and their story at the same time.

Superhero-Big-Wheel-Race---Primary-Image.jpg Superhero Big Wheel Race // Activity
Jen Cooper

We all have an inner Superhero. Let's have fun and let 'em out as we embark on a race of super proportions.

Takunda Matose // Music
Takunda Matose

Takunda is a Zimbabwean-American folk singer-songwriter who counts Karen Dalton and Ray Lamontagne among his influences. He has performed around DC, including the Tiny House concert series, and at New York's famed Sidewalk Cafe. He is currently working on his follow-up album Black Whiskey. 

Find me 3-4pm on the Main Stage

defaultActivity.jpg Tattoo Tales Taken // Activity
Miriam Lemus and Liana Algarin

Inspired by others, this project will re-create a storybook with tattoos. Participants are asked to give themselves temporary tattoos at the tattoo parlor, which will be setup for anyone to use. Choose a word or phrase from the storybook, post a picture to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #Storybook2014 and #FIGMENTDC so that the images can be collected together.
Tea-Time---Primary-Image.jpg Tea Time // Activity
Chelsea Dobert-Kehn

Spend some time relaxing in a whimsical space, drinking tea!

The Dream Girl // Sculpture
Christine Stoddard

What is the perfect girl made of? Unicorns and cupcakes and butterflies, too—don't you know? This human-sized, mixed media sculpture of a girl features everything our society says a dream girl should be. Take a gander of all the many objects shoved and layered to make her. And be sure to take a picture by her, too. She's a rare sight.

Giggler.jpg The Tactical Giggler // Installation
Karen Bradley-Ehler

An interactive laugh factory, the Tactical giggler will be a place for all things comical. There will be a variety of auditory, visual, and tactile stimulus to entertain, engage and interact with to inspire and ignite laughter. From noise makers, to plushy toys and silly props, this will be a place for love and laughter. Check out the joke box or add a joke of your own to our joke wall, or share some humor on a microphone. You can bring the funny to figment!
Tryptofan---Primary-Image.jpg Tryptofan // Installation
Branden Hall

Collaboratively create beautifully colored spirals of light and get cool in the process!
The Tryptofan is a standard 3-bladed ceiling fan that has been tricked out with lots of LEDs. Down on the ground up to three people can use simple remotes to change the patterns, colors, and speed of the animations playing on the blades.
defaultActivity.jpg T-Shirt Salvation Station // Installation
Debbi Arseneaux

Do have old t-shirts that you never wear any more because they are too small/big/stretched/stained/etc but won't get rid of them because they have sentimental value? Or they are just too unique to part with? Feel like there must be SOMEthing you can do with it, if only you could figure out what? Ever see those crazy cut and styled t-shirts and wanted to try that out but you were afraid of messing it up? It's not hard! You can do it! It really is as simple as a pair of scissors and some imagination. Join me to learn a few No Sew, No Fear SUPER EASY T-shirt styling techniques and make old treasures into new ones! Bring a t=shirt to cut, and a few to spare if you can. Scissors provided, but more are definitely welcome!  

When: Noon on Saturday. Other times TBD.

Tutus-by-You---Primary-Image.jpg Tutus // Activity
Rebecca Blasdell

No closet is complete without a tutu! Our Tutu Teachers will help you create a tutu that truly reflects your colorful personality. We'll be bringing fluffy fun to Figment all day. All genders and ages are encouraged to come get their tulle on. All supplies are provided. Your creative spirit is the only requirement!
defaultInstallation.jpg The Gifting Tree // Installation
Bardia Saeedi

Enter the forest wherein lies the Gifting Tree. These trees, constructed from bamboo, string, and ropes, will be filled with gifts for you to receive. Perhaps you have gifts to pass on to those who come behind you?


We've Come to Play part 2 // Dance
Sara Herrera

ArasDance is coming from a fun and successful Capital Fringe run with their show, We've Come to Play. At Figment DC, we will continue to build and showcase our repertory through We've Come to Play part 2. Join us for this wonderful dance performance and workshop!

Find us: Main Stage, Saturday and Sunday, 11am.




Wildberry Drummunity Shakedown // Music

Join us as we reconnect with our most vital rhythm through the ancient song of the drum.  Let your hair fly and spirits soar as our heartbeats become one. Bring drums if you got ‘em but we’ll have a few and some other(worldly) percussion instruments with their own special voice and spirit so come down and grab a shaker or just shake your “A” to the beat of your own tune.

Find us: Main Stage, Sunday, 12:30pm


WishingWall.jpg Wishing Wall // Installation
Wendy Sittner

Welcome to the Wishing Wall! The Wishing Wall is like a wishing well where you will write wishes on ribbons and attach them to the wall. We want to hear your wishes for your community, both real and fantastical. Do you wish there were a farmers market in your neighborhood? Do you wish there were more of a police presence? Less of a police presence? Do you wish your community offered free unicorn rides to its residents? Let's come together and share in a visual dialogue about our community.


Yoga Telephone // Activity
Irina Katz

The art and lifestyle of Yoga has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Presumably, the wisdom has been preserved in every generation, perhaps even enhanced. Today, in Washington, DC, dozens of yoga teachers are certified every week. What happens to the knowledge that is transmitted to the next teacher? Does it stay the same? Does it change? My project will highlight and illuminate the process of transmitting knowledge and expertise. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn and then teach a posture, sequence, or meditation. Through this process, one will be able to play a game of "yoga telephone", being able to observe the process of transmission of knowledge. More so, participants will be able to return again and again to the project space to observe the evolution of the knowledge.

This workshop is Saturday only.