Our Team

FIGMENT DC is run entirely by an awesome team of dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy year round to bring the magic of FIGMENT to our community. Are you interested in joining this team?  Please contact us and let us know how you'd like to get involved!


FIGMENT DC 2014 Team

Patty Simonton, Co-Producer and Curatorial Director. Patty likes to work behind the scenes to make it possible for others to bring their dreams to life. This is her third year producing FIGMENT DC and she's thrilled to be able to work with such an awesome, dedicated team of creative superstars. Patty has a background in international business, workforce development and social entrepreneurship. She currently works for StartSomeGood to help changemakers and social entrepreneurs around the world raise the money they need to make an impact. Patty believes the world is her playground, and she aims to make it beautiful by strengthening communities and promoting art where possible. To this end, Patty also serves on the boards for Artomatic and Playa del Fuego, the Mid-Atlantic BurningMan Regional event.

Ernie Ambrose, Co-Producer. Ernie has always been infatuated with the arts, tutus, music and performance art. He loves to cause a scene and make people laugh, but doesn't get a lot of opportunity in his “real world” job to engage his artistic side.  FIGMENT allows him to do that and help others do it, too. A a federal IT contractor, Ernie started with FIGMENT wrangling the technical aspects of running the event. He spent the first two years of the event laying technical groundwork: purchasing domains, setting up twitter and Facebook accounts, scheduling tweets and Facebook posts and generally making sure the technical nuts and bolts were in working order. In 2014, he's stepping into the role of Co-Producer, and is looking forward to making sure FIGMENT DC continues on into the future.  "I’m thrilled to be part of a team that is making unexpected and wonderful things happen."


Communications and Outreach

Megan Fowler, Communications Coordinator. Megan is an expert in nonprofit communications and is excited to devote her experience to increasing awareness of FIGMENT DC. Through media outreach, online communications, and old-fashioned "word of mouth," she and the Communications and Outreach team are working hard to invite more people to participate in the effort to create, engage, and play.  After attending FIGMENT DC 2013 with her 3-year-old son, she finished the day thinking, "More people need to know about this! I can help" (That is how it works, after all.) Megan is passionate about music, theater, art and community, and welcomes the chance to share FIGMENT's frivolity and sense of possibility to a wider DC audience.

Lauren Stansbury, Media Coordinator. Lauren loves writing, American folk instruments, performance art, logistics and puzzles. She loves Nature, hiking, and getting lost. She aspires to learn the art of food fermentation, and cycles whenever possible. She is our Media Coordinator on the communications team for FIGMENT DC this year, and contributes to the project's much deserved media presence. With her expertise and dedication, we're excited to amplify the message (and invitation!) of participatory art throughout the Potomac region.

Seth Long, Community Outreach. Seth is a big fan of art, public parks, free stuff, spending time outside and community. So when he went to his first FIGMENT in 2012, the all day festival passed by in what seemed like one continuous moment of joy. This inspired him to lend his support to this years event to help bring the bliss that is Figment to an even broader audience. His professional background includes stone-masonry, census taking, online organizing, clean energy activism, non-profit fundraising and farming.

Jen Cooper, Artist Outreach and Community Building. Jen loves words, art, crafts, and makes a mean quiche. She loves to dance around festivals with a sheet over her head (we know, we think it's awesome, too!). As both a FIGMENT artist and volunteer, Jen provides a constant stream of creativity to our meetings and gatherings, and is setting up a strong base for FIGMENT artists all around the city.

Tom Risen, Communications. Tom is a writer who grew up in the Beltway area and is very excited to be a part of expanding the region’s creative community with FIGMENT DC. This festival is a chance for neighborhoods across the DC region to share ideas about art, theater, dance, music and good times to make our hometown better. As a reporter Tom has written extensively not just about government and technology, but also about DC’s rich cultural history and future, with websites including The Pink Line Project.

Cortney Kreer, Graphics Wizard. Back again for the third year in a row, Cortney is one of our Adobe wizards, and we love to abuse her skills for maps and random graphics throughout the year. Her sharp wit keeps the rest of us on our toes and thoroughly entertained at all times.

Fred Simonton, Jesus Nut. From stepping up to do last minute graphics and website design, newsletter layouts and meeting minutes, Fred is the nut that holds the whole machine together. Rarely seen without a guitar in his arms, he is the host extraordinaire who provides the soundtrack to many team and community events. 


Production and Fundraising

Liana Algarín, Signage Director. Liana Algarín is a Human Factors Engineer at an employee-owned technology solutions company and a student studying Engineering Management & Systems Engineering. Liana gets bored easily and would like to have more art in her life. As Signage Director, Liana creates a spreadsheet of what each sign should say and where each sign should be. On the evening before and the morning of FIGMENT, Liana and a few volunteers walk around the FIGMENT venue and nearby metro stops, putting up signs to identify Figment locations and direct foot-traffic. Making signs for Figment is enjoyable and very low stress; if you make a mistake, just make a new sign!

Rachel Gross, Fundraising Rewards Coordinator. Rachel has graciously returned to the FIGMENT team after a one year hiatus and we're thrilled to have her back. A past FIGMENT artist, with a keen eye for detail and a desire to help out wherever she can, RAchel offered to support our fundraising efforts in connection with our crowdfunding campaign and we're happy to have her back!

Clara Elias, Leave No Trace Coordinator

Kate Smith-Morse, Weekend Warrior

Jemma Bryson, Weekend Warrior